Welcome! I’m Harrison June, an independent developer, photographer and writer living in Flagstaff, Arizona. I’m a bit of a free spirit, wandering nomad-style around the country frequently. I’m trying to knock down visits to all the states, parks and long trails of America. I’ve got thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail and bicycling coast to coast on the books as well. That said, I love the diversity and efficiencies only a city can provide, so I’ve also spent a lot of time here in New York and many others. Thanks for visiting my site and reading about what I’m up to!

If you’re interested in hiring me to code something, know that I’ve worked with creative agencies and startups around New York since 2012 building cutting edge web experiences and advertisements. I’ve specialized recently in building WordPress websites and themes from scratch, but am also comfortable working with a variety of languages or frameworks; we’re always learning and adapting to new innovations! I’m happy to take root wherever I am for the right gig, if I’d be an asset for your high tech projects.

The genesis of my photography and writing is in NYC’s music scene. I picked up a camera to document all the concerts I went to as part of Neat Beet, a music site I operated from 2014-2016. I interviewed performers, covered the news in the scene, and also discovered my own form of abstract art. In this journey, I found the comfort to do portraiture and document all sorts of events.