A Night of Electronica With Kodacrome and Friends

Dec 6th, 2016 in Photography

Over the weekend, I made a jaunt over to Rough Trade to catch my pals, Elissa and Ryan, of Kodacrome, in a rare, live set. I’ve been a fan of their moody compositions for a few years now (if you ever read Neat Beet, they were frequent mentions of ours). This evening was cause for a celebration as they revealed what kept them busy most of 2016, a journey into the visual arts with a music video for “Oh You Too“, a yet to be released single from their unannounced next record. The video is not yet public (you had to be there), but in synopsis, the film was done in stop motion, with a collection of painstakingly crafted, miniature props enlivening its world. Kodacrome wanted to show off those pieces and thus the show was billed with an art gallery flair to it, where you could see a selection of their craftsmanship.

Also on the bill were Ghostly stalwarts Xeno and Oaklander, who co-headlined the event and closed the night out. Before Kodacrome was Currency, a new synth and drum duo making their live debut. Tim O’ Keefe dj’ed in between sets, and Kodacrome’s visuals were done by Integrated Visions.