Art Feature: No Nets – Bright Light

Oct 31st, 2016 in Photography

In March, right before I left for the trail, I posted online what was then the last in the collection of my art series, “Light Abstractions“. My friend, Sal Mastrocola, who sings in the Brooklyn independent rock band, No Nets, reached out to use my piece, “Escape”, as the artwork for a future release. Well, seven months (or 2000 miles) later, those fruits have been borne in Bright Light, No Nets’ sophomore album.

I’m honored to have my art featured in such a cool way. Mastrocola and crew used “Escape” not only for the album’s cover, but also drew from it for the overall stylistic direction of Bright Light. They leveraged its colors: black, purple, and blue, for marketing, portraiture and a lyric video, all of which compliment “Escape” well. There is a cohesive theme to No Nets in this era of the band.


No Nets via Kirill Orlov

Bright Light is out as of 10/21. No Nets has a punk pop sound and locks on to sentimentality with an edge in this record. Listen to it below on Bandcamp (or anywhere else online), and you can catch them playing a release show at Don Pedro’s on 11/7.