Belle Mare & Wilsen at Rough Trade

Oct 6th, 2016 in Photography

Music photography was a big part of my life before I left for the Appalachian Trail. You’ve likely heard of my music blog, Neat Beet, which was my primary extracurricular effort since 2014 and the catalyst for my artistic focus. In my continued bid for a return to normalcy, I came out to Rough Trade earlier this week to photograph performing artists for the first time in over six months. I chose some personally familiar artists in the NYC underground for my debut. At this shoot’s conclusion, I can’t help but feel revitalized in my artistic direction.

Belle Mare was an artist we covered on Neat Beet several times and were also celebrating a milestone at this concert. They just released a new album, Heaven Forget, which I’ve embedded below for your convenience. It’s an interesting piece, a fulfillment of dark pop, and not expressly melancholic. It hits exuberant, almost twinkling moments on its highs.

Also attached to the bill tonight was Wilsen, who has a powerful, somber sound. I became entranced by the track “Centipede” back at the start of this year which gave me reason to fall into a beautiful cascade that is the rest of their discography. I’m hyped for their next album. On stage, they are a band that can transition seamlessly from hushed quiet to crashing climaxes.

Keenan O’Meara also opened the show playing a moody solo set.