George Floyd Protests – Flagstaff

May 31st, 2020 in Photography

America is in a state of catastrophe right now, with protests, many riotous, springing up across the nation to protest the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police. They’ve now reached my new home of Flagstaff, so I thought I’d step out to photograph and highlight the movement here. About 200 people came around on a hot weekend day to voice their anger and concern.

The setting and cause for these events: For months, the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought havoc through the country, especially harming the minority populace. Witnessing horrific incident after incident after incident imminently before the Floyd video surfaced has brought these tensions to the forefront. While our small city protest was peaceful, others around the nation were marked starkly by violence, from protestors, counter-protestors, and police.

It’s a hard time in the USA right now, while at least the officer responsible for Floyd’s death, Derek Chauvin, is now in custody, the protestors are at least demanding consequences up to murder charges for the remaining 3 police present at the scene. Other reforms in how we police nationwide may be a necessary part of the conversation for people to heal. All the while, a racist president has stoked the flames on Twitter, and furthered the tensions dividing this country. Please vote him and his enablers out this November. Support those who will check the aggression and inequality of how we enforce laws in the USA. Please, so I can feel some pride in living here again.

Below are my photos from this event.