Maybird and Pop & Obachan at Our Wicked Lady

Oct 17th, 2016 in Photography

Maybird, an innocuously named rock band out of Brooklyn, was a group whose music I dove into while out in Appalachia. I dig the group’s upbeat sound and instrumentation, which is immediately apparent on their single “Turning Into Water“. I love the psychedelic distortion they go with on the guitars for this song, and if you like it too, go check out the rest of their EP or catch them at Baby’s All Right on November 4th.

Pop & Obachan were just about to start when I arrived at Our Wicked Lady so I caught their whole set as well. It was a release show for their first album, Misc. Excellence. They are a band whose pop sound is a case for ‘comfy’ being a genre of music. They play next at Sunnyvale on the 20th.

Notes on the photography: Maybird is presented in black and white as the lighting, while overall poor, was also deeply saturated and thus unflattering. This being a late night rooftop show in October also put it at the lowest threshold for performing live music comfortably. I’d consider attending another session soon with them in more ideal conditions.