Portrait Shoot: Wynn D

May 15th, 2017 in Photography

The elusive Wynn D. has landed on Earth. I didn’t take her to our leader (he’s kind of a jerk), but I did take her photo. This world traveler came in peace for a stroll around the Queens waterfront. Long Island City has a lot of opportunities to take advantage of the picturesque Manhattan skyline, along with a smattering of street art in certain nooks amidst an otherwise bland stretch of high rises and waning industrial zones. I got to hang out with this visitor and share some of my last day in NYC before I started my bicycle trip.

I’m really feeling this portrait taking vibe. Connecting with a person and capturing their spirit in a persevering way is a unique challenge and powerful thing to accomplish. Though I probably won’t be doing many portrait shoots for hours one and one like with Wynn D, I hope to capture a lot of individuals and see if I can find a modern Americana spirit out there.