Thriving, then Surviving

Mar 28th, 2020 in Personal

It’s strange times that we’re living in now, eh? As I begin composing this, COVID-19 has become a worldwide pandemic and is wreaking havoc across the land, especially in my former home of NYC. I feel a bit forlorn when I think about the catastrophe unfolding back there, but have to feel pretty lucky about where I’m at. Flagstaff is only partially affected at this time by the virus, and in this isolating epoch I can think of fewer spots nicer to turn inward. The dreams of the world have been dashed or set aside in COVID’s wake, but thankfully I’m currently insulated from the worst of it.

I mean, I’d be counting my blessings regardless I feel right now. It’s closing in on half a year now here, and the worst of Winter has nearly passed. It’s actually a little bit colder than New York here on average, but the constant presence of the sun really made most days pass by at a pleasant clip. Right before this virus started getting serious in the US, daylight savings happened and I got skipped over (AZ flips from Mountain to Pacific). It’s such a minor thing, but it was so nice not to get swept up in that insanity for a day. I’m also keen to see if the change of environment removes my spring allergies.

I feel like I’ve made really solid headway into small city life up here. I’m most stoked to have found a group of flow artists here in town, who are into playing with fire. With them I’m continuing my juggling journey, and that includes wielding my own ‘fire swords’. I also got in with a strategy gaming group in town, where I spent an entire day trying the Twilight Imperium experience (Yes, that’s an 8 hour board game). Alas, Coronavirus has put that all on hold for now, but this is all the start of something promising.

My roommates, Spenser, and Kelly have been a rock during my time here. I am not entirely sure what would be going on in my head if I had lost my social gains and been stuck alone. I may not have ever been gladder to be cohabitating than I am now. A lot of nice trails are in walking distance that we get on while out with their dogs. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be running again now that my climb gyms are closed and avoiding crowds is paramount. My marathoning days of yore seem like fable now.

I’ve been looking into re-doing this website, something I touch on probably every time I’m not out on adventure; and there’s certainly never been a better time. I have a lot of ideas that I do need to just spend some time R&Ding to fit 2020’s tech advances. The wheel is always turning for web development. it’s been four years since I published this version of the site (and set out on the Appalachian!), and it just feels so obsolete to me. I love having my own domain to publish my thoughts outside of the hegemony of the internet giants, but it needs a lot of love to get to a place where I’d be happy with it again.

It’s a good thing I already considered this year one mostly for stability and personal development. My routine is a bit disrupted now, but I’m grateful to have had no grand ideas canceled and be in good health and employ. Everything is shrouded in the fog of this plague; until it lifts I’m not really sure what to work towards besides this site and staying healthy. I am living simply and comfortably towards those end goals and by Autumn, I think some clarity will be in me.