Here, you can see a portfolio of my most visible work in code over my recent career. The ever shifting nature of the web unfortunately means my work online can be very temporal. I started with a specialization in pure guts PHP, and spread out to crafting elegant designs later in order to have control over the entire development process. I like developing sites start to finish, and much of my best work has come with being part of a team.

Alexander Christenson
Link — In 2017, I developed a new theme for NYC director Alexander Christenson. The site prominently features a bespoke video carousel I created to showcase his work.
Detroit Moves the World
Link — In 2017, I partnered with Huge, Inc. to develop a static website for the city of Detroit. The website is part of the city's bid for #AMAZONHQ2.
Access Accelerated
Link — In 2017, with MRM - McCann, I developed the backend of this Wordpress site for a global non-profit initiative.
Link — In 2016, I published the current version of my internet homepage. It uses Wordpress, and was a good experiment of CSS Flexbox & ES6 Javascript. This site's an iterative process; I'm constantly making small updates, which you can follow on Github
Stranahan's Whiskey
Link — In 2016, with Experience Interaction, I developed a new WP theme for a redesign of Stranahan's Whiskey.
Jose Cuervo
Link — In 2015, I worked with Experience Interaction to flush out a new website for Jose Cuervo using Wordpress. The site would go on to win a Pixel Award in 2016.
Neat Beet
Link — In 2014, I published the website for my NYC music blog, Neat Beet. It's now a bit dated, but I'm proud of it as a first go at it alone developing a fully functional site.
Breaking Bad Name Lab
Link — In 2013, as part of Ralph, I developed the PHP backend of this Webby award winning FB app. You were able to generate profile pics and cover images as a promo for the final season of Breaking Bad!
Frame to Fame
Link — In 2013, with Ralph, I developed the PHP backend of this app that let you frame yourself with the cast of Modern Family.